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Footgolf Europa Championship


After a few nights’ sleep we hardly come to our senses, but now we are able to fully appreciate the Budapest round of the Footgolf Europa Championship 2015. We were very happy to welcome the familiar faces of last year’s players and friends. (We hope that next year more friends will participate! 🙂 )

Fortunately the weather was on our side, we organized the sunshine in advance. The players managed to eliminate the obstacles, the holes required more tactic than last year, but the concentration and routine paid off.

We finished Saturday evening at the aHely, where the atmosphere was guaranteed to be joyful by the perfect Hungarian goulash and pálinka. On Saturday night a storm reached Budapest, so on Sunday the weather was a bit chilly on the Academy Footgolf course, but the sun rose for the players to pose with their cups and medals during the afternoon.

During the Budapest round the Catch&Spin shoes had their first official appearance, also the Fida balls which were created just for Footgolf. In Bovec, Slovenia all the players will play with Fida balls.

We are especially proud that besides the international friends participating on the competition a Hungarian player could win. The first place went to Csaba Balázsi, the second to Péter Zsuppán and the third to Ferenc Hámori. In the women’s competition the best player was Renáta Németh, the second Edina Fridrich and the third Metka Belingar.

In the national teams’ competition the Hungarians got the first place as well. The Netherlands earned the second place and with only a few kicks more the Belgian team could stand on the podium as thirds.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Emil Frey Mazda Zugló salon, Márton Gorka photography, Nemzeti Sport paper, Catch & Spin, Viwa vitamin water, and of course the organizers: Footgolf Academy Hungary association, European Footgolf Federation (EFGF), and the first-time organizer Hungarian Minigolf National Sport Federation Footgolf section.

We hope that everybody had fun, congratulations to the winners, and don’t forget: you are all welcome next year!! 🙂

Author: Fruzsina Feledi

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